VE Studio UI Redesign

VE Studio is a virtual maintenance training tool used to train people anywhere in the world. It puts the users in a VR reality. The main objective of this project was to update the UI for the application. UX enhancements were schedule later on in the development cycle. As you can see below some of the improvements made where:

  • A more streamlined top navigation
  • Improved center navigation control panel
  • New modern color pallet
  • Large text and more detail tool iconography

New and current costumers gave me great feedback on how much the UI improved the navigation and overall feel of the application.

A compresence of the old UI verses the new UI I created.

Suntrax Website

While at the Florida Turnpike I was able to lead the design and development of a new site that will help promote the Turnpike’s effort to build a proving ground to test new tolling equipment and autonomous vehicles. Their goal for the site is to showcase the proving ground to attract car and autonomous vehicles system manufactures to eventually partner with the Turnpike.

I used WordPress for the CMS and I did all the design layouts and graphics for it.

Central Florida Automated Vehicle Partners

The Florida Turnpike Enterprise was selected by the USDOT to receive funding to begin an autonomous vehicle program. The Turnpike is parenting with other Central Florida agencies to research how autonomous vehicles will be the future of transportation. This site showcase their partnerships and draw new leads.

The Turnpike used WordPress for a CMS on other sites so it made sense to continue to use it. I designed and layout out the site while working with department managers on the voice of the site.

Adventist Health System Mobile Application

I was tasked to build Adventist Health System’s first mobile app. With little direction from stockholders I did research, talked with doctors and users who would be using this app to find out what they wanted in this mobile app. After the research I did some personas and began designing the app. With the help of a third-party agency to write the code, we completed the project in 4 months. This project helped to begin the importance of UX.