Redesign of The Florida Turnpike Enterprise's Intranet

The Turnpike’s intranet was constructed in the early 2000s. Early on, it worked well for them, but the site was never properly updated with best practices for intranets, content was not being placed in the correct places. The search was not working correctly and associates where having a hard time finding what they need. Because of this many people stopped using the intranet all together.

Turnpike Intranet before redesign

In 2017 I was brought on to help redesign and create a new intranet that people would be more engaged in.

Research & Analysis

We first needed to decide what direction should we go. Should we have a basic HTML site, like they currently have or go with a content management system that people can update without having to know code. They decided to go with a content management. They had just transitioned to Office 365 for the entire organization. Since some departments had already started using SharePoint for their projects, it was an easy choice to go with SharePoint as the content management system for the new intranet.

After the content management system was chosen it was time to tackle the site content. A survey was used to help us to understand the different types of personalities working at Florida Turnpike and what would appeal most to them; from a functional, messaging, and visual standpoint. Over 200 employees provided feedback to the survey. Our goal was to make sure people collaborate more with the new intranet.

Just a small part of the survey questions and results we received.

With the survey results we worked on the taxonomy of the site. We were about the take the current taxonomy of 7 buckets and condense it into 4.

Old Taxonomy

New Taxonomy


With the proper planning, we were able to confidently move into creating wireframes for the site. We decided to focus more on the functionality and structure of the site, opting for low-fidelity wireframes with very little detail. Ultimately, we could add design elements in later, what was important for our users, was that the site was clear and simple.


With the design I did not want the site to look like a “SharePoint site.” I decided to make it look like a tradition site. With the help of some SharePoint developers we were able to achieve the goal with some customized web parts.

We changed the taxonomy of the site to give the viewers a quick and easy way to find the 6 most used items on the intranet.

I also created a style guidelines document to help maintain the look and feel of the site.


With the customized web parts, a designated person could now keep the site up to date with current content without having any knowledge of coding. This process will help motivate the new collaboration the Turnpike wanted. The leadership of the Turnpike was very pleased with the results and are looking into how we can expand the new experience to all Turnpike offices.