Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Application Template

When developers would build any internal application for The Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise they used an outdated .NET template to speed up the development process. The issue was the template was old, not responsive and not up to today’s development standards.

Old Turnpike Application Template

Process and Design

I took the initiative to create a new and modern template to use when building applications. I wanted it to be responsive, so if any member of the Turnpike staff was in the field, on a tablet and/or phone the application would be functional on those devices. The new template incorporated the latest version of Bootstrap and .Net code.

New Application Template

My primary goal for the redesign


The developers enjoyed using the new code, as it sped up the development time for them. We were also able to use the new template on a new Central Office (FDOT) application that required it to be customized to their branding guidelines. So far it has been a great success.