Hello, My name is


Simple and clean interfaces that gets out of the way of the user and helps them
accomplish their objective is what is important to me. It is the key to a great user experience.


Erik is an award winning multimedia designer offering design services for the web and print mediums. Based out of Orlando Florida, Erik impresses a growing client base consisting of web developers, advertising agencies, design studios, and publication companies.

At the core, Erik is an intuitive creative mind. He is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals using design. He is always looking for a challenge and enjoys learning new techniques and programs from others he comes in contact with.

Experience with a mix of large and small organizations has provided Erik the ability to understand the unique needs of small business, the foresight for growing business, and what it takes to maintain or launch a brand, product or service for large business.

I would say I'm more designer then developer because I'm educated as a designer. I enjoying coming up with the solution to a problem and then implementing it. Even though I’m more for a designer I also enjoying the coding side. Learning new programming languages is an exciting thing.


The best way to get in touch with me is to use the contact form below. I'm generally connected to some sort of device so my response times are quick. If you need to get in touch with me another way please use the methods to the right. Please no spam! I hate the taste of it.